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Performance Benchmarking using CURL command

An easy way to check performance i.e. test response time of various pages of your portal / site / web app is by using CURL command on terminal. You may follow these simple steps

(Ignore steps 1 to 3 below if your site is not authentication based and that you want to test pages that are public, then you may jump to step 4 directly and remove usage of session variable.)

  1. Open your app in FireFox browser.

  2. Enable firebug and navigate to Cookies section

  3. Pick the session variable and its value,


  1. Execute following CURL command on your terminal

while true; do curl --silent --head
"_realvolve_session=BAh7CUkiD3Nlc3Npb25faWQGOgZFRkkiJTdjMGU2YTZlNjU5NjMzOWNkNmM1NWVjZDExNDgxNDFhBjsAVEkiImxhc3RfY29udHJvbGxlcl9iZWZvcmVfc2VhcmNoBjsARkkiCWhvbWUGOwBUSSIQX2NzcmZfdG9rZW4GOwBGSSIxUmxEWlRrbTlBT2I4YlQ4NStFem54MkNySmFtQ1ZUQWFLNlZpSytOdW5qND0GOwBGSSIZd2FyZGVuLnVzZXIudXNlci5rZXkGOwBUWwhJIglVc2VyBjsARlsGaQZJIiIkMmEkMTAkL3dlSFJyNEVSR3hmaEd2bjdMeWNldQY7AFQ=--7a62f095a5b87086d4b62baa8fdfe12858c54206" \
http://rohan.realvolvebeta.com/contacts | grep X-Runtime; done

  1. This should return output as follows (this output is just a sample result but your actual output may differ)

X-Runtime: 0.188321

X-Runtime: 0.156025

X-Runtime: 0.084404

X-Runtime: 0.023795

X-Runtime: 0.021575

X-Runtime: 0.156741

X-Runtime: 0.022683

X-Runtime: 0.022875

X-Runtime: 0.021254

X-Runtime: 0.253464

X-Runtime: 0.017505

X-Runtime: 0.016978

X-Runtime: 0.020466

X-Runtime: 0.024929

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