With the global outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic, work from home or working remotely has become a necessity than an option.

Organisations that have never practised working remotely are the ones facing huge challenges as this can severely impact the business. Rightly so because working remotely requires discipline, commitment, culture and mindset.

It takes time and practice to fully understand and develop a mindset for remote work. Kiprosh being a remote-friendly organisation since past many years, I can share few quick tips for both organisations and employees to help sail through this situation.

Tips for the organisation:

1. Communicate & over-communicate: Communication is the base of effective remote work. Invest in tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts or any other medium that works well for the organisation. The teams should be well connected and be updated with each other's status and tasks. Do not shy away from over-communicating.

2. Set daily goals and create a list of priority tasks: Teams must have a list of their priority tasks and stick to it. Daily stand up of quick 10-15 mins should keep the entire team in sync. Having tools like Trello or Jira and Slack, etc helps in monitoring the progress of the team and tasks accomplished.

3. Providing necessary infrastructure: Laptops, backup desktops, proper infra etc. are essential to carry out duties effectively.

4. A company wide wiki or guidelines for remote work: Have a guide for team members and educate them on necessities of ensuring productive remote working environment. Have a company wide handy wiki document for everyone to refer often and create a list of do's and dont's as part of the guidelines.

5. Create an environment of trust and empathy: Trust and Empathy plays most important role in establishing a remote work mindset. Trust and empathise with team. Have core values and educate everyone often. Walk the talk.

While organisations are doing their best to adjust to new normal, the responsibility also lies on employees to ensure effective remote working conditions and being productive.

Tips for the employees:

1. Create a productive remote working environment: Having good hardware & workstation, good internet connection, quality headphones & a quiet place (or a place where distraction is less or manageable) are the prerequisites of successful remote work.

2. Have a remote mindset: Self Discipline, Commitment, and Integrity are the pillars of working remotely.

3. Stick to a schedule: Avoid changing work hours every day as it might cause difficulty for other team members to know your availability. Keep your status updated at all times. Use a dedicated remote-status channel on Slack and post the status of your availability. Keep your Slack status up-to date.

In times like these we unleash the potential we never knew we have.