Find Missing number from a list of numbers

In our project, every time we get a new product from a Donor, we use InventoryNumber table to assign inventory_number to that product. InventoryNumber table has just two columns : (id, code). Code is nothing but the inventory_number that needs to be assigned to the product. inventory_number needs to be auto-generated for every product and gets added to the InventoryNumber table once the the product is accepted by one of the admin. Also the interesting part is this inventory_number can also be entered manually by the admins while accepting the product. Suppose we have a new product

How does Ember Boot? Part 2

This is part 2 of 'How does Ember Boot?'. If you haven't read 'How does Ember Boot?' part 1 you might consider reading it first. In the last article our main focus was Ember.Application which is sort of static part of Ember boot process. Now we will look into didBecomeReady() and Ember.ApplicationInstance. Which deals with initialization and creation of instances. Ember.Application is called only once but Ember.ApplicationInstance can be n number of times based on number of requests for the instance. In Ember each app instance maintains their own registry/container, so they will

How does Ember Boot?

I will be showing the steps Ember takes to startup before you start seeing your page rendered in the browser. There is a lot of steps and packages involved in this process but I'll try to make it as simple and compact as possible. Following snippet shows the steps in brief which I will be explaining in detail as we proceed. Ember has evolved from being the SproutCore 2.0 framework to a modern trusted Javascript framework used by major tech companies like Apple, LinkedIn and Vine, ever since it was born. It was developed by a Rails developer Yehuda

Working Of Yarn and npm

As an Ember developer, discovering Yarn package manager by Facebook was the best that could happen to me. Whenever one of my fellow developers encountered “Broccoli Plugin failed…” I used to say ‘rm -rf node_modules’, that’s what my seniors told me and I continued the tradition. That was very frustrating and as a beginner, I use to blame it all on Ember as I didn’t understand much of what was happening. As time passed I realized npm was the culprit. But a few months back I discovered this Yarn package manager. When I found it, I read

Automating your Linux commands using bash because "Do Not Repeat Yourself".

It was normal Monday like every week. I got my laptop and pressed the Power button then I remembered that I had not Suspended(Hibernated) my machine but instead had shut it down last Friday to make sure the memory is not occupied and system runs faster . Now the problem with shutting down is, I have to start eight different servers to get my Crossroad's apps up and running. Just for this reason ,I refrained from Shutting Down my machine every day and instead chose to Suspend which would save me from hitting numerous keyboard keys and do the same