Ruby 3 adds Scheduler Interface for Fibers

Ruby adds Fiber SchedulerInterface to support non-blocking fiber. Splitting long operations into fiber hooks and Scheduler will manage it for us.

Rails 7.1 introduces destroy_association_async_batch_size

Rails 7.1 now allows you to tweak the destroy_async behavior by allowing you to destroy the dependent associations in multiple batches.

How to build a robust chat app using Azure Communications Service?

Let's look into the functions provided by Azure Communication Services used to build a robust chat app and no need to rely on APIs

Rails 7.1 adds authenticate_by when using has_secure_password

Rails 7.1 introduces a method authenticate_by, used with has_secure_password to prevent timing-based enumeration attacks.

Creating Zoom-Out-Slide-In Parallax Effect with Framer Motion

Check out how easy it is to create a stunning Parallax effect using the framer-motion library

Stimulus.js adds inbuilt support for stopping event propagation and preventing default action

It's very common in Stimulus.js to call the .preventDefault() or .stopPropagation() methods on an Event object immediately after a controller's action has been fired: import { Controller } from "@hotwired/stimulus"; export default class extends Controller { open(event) { event.preventDefault(); /* ... action logic ... */ } close(event) { event.stopPropagation(); /* ... action logic ... */ } } But it starts to feel repetitive after a while; which is why a PR introduced by yours truly to the hotwired/stimulus repo makes it so that you can do those things while defining the action descriptors themselves: <div data-controller="modal"> <a data-action="modal#open:prevent">Open</a&

Turbo - The heart of Hotwire

Turbo provides the most basic building blocks for building Hotwire application. In this article, let's learn more about its features.

How to Boost Documents Using Freshness Function in Azure Search?

This article helps you to know about Freshness Function and how it can help to boost documents in Azure Search.

How to diagnose Durable Functions using Azure Storage Tables?

The most commonly used code-editor-based debugging approach is generally not very helpful in the case of Durable Functions as it makes issue tracking difficult. This article helps to analyze a durable orchestration using Azure Storage Tables. Also, the blog will help you write an efficient workflow. Note: This blog assumes you are familiar with Durable Functions, Task Hub, and Storage Explorer. Also, assuming Azure Table Storage is the back-end data store and C# is used for coding. There may be slight differences in case you are using another storage mechanism or language. Durable Functions: The Durable Functions are great for

Advanced features provided by the new debug gem in Ruby

debug is Ruby's new default debugger included in Ruby 3.1. This new debugger has replaced byebug in Rails 7. Not only does debug provide us with a wide range of functionality, but it also provides some advanced features. In this article, we will explore and understand a few advanced features of debug. 1. Seamless integration with VSCode Below steps can be followed to integrate debug gem in VSCode. Install extension VSCode rdbg Ruby Debugger - Visual Studio Marketplace in your VSCode.Open the file you want to debug in the VSCode.Register the breakpoint by clicking on the line