How to Boost Documents Using Freshness Function in Azure Search?

This article helps you to know about Freshness Function and how it can help to boost documents in Azure Search.

How to diagnose Durable Functions using Azure Storage Tables?

The most commonly used code-editor-based debugging approach is generally not very helpful in the case of Durable Functions as it makes issue tracking difficult. This article helps to analyze a durable orchestration using Azure Storage Tables. Also, the blog will help you write an efficient workflow. Note: This blog assumes you are familiar with Durable Functions, Task Hub, and Storage Explorer. Also, assuming Azure Table Storage is the back-end data store and C# is used for coding. There may be slight differences in case you are using another storage mechanism or language. Durable Functions: The Durable Functions are great for

Advanced features provided by the new debug gem in Ruby

debug is Ruby's new default debugger included in Ruby 3.1. This new debugger has replaced byebug in Rails 7. Not only does debug provide us with a wide range of functionality, but it also provides some advanced features. In this article, we will explore and understand a few advanced features of debug. 1. Seamless integration with VSCode Below steps can be followed to integrate debug gem in VSCode. Install extension VSCode rdbg Ruby Debugger - Visual Studio Marketplace in your VSCode.Open the file you want to debug in the VSCode.Register the breakpoint by clicking on the line

Journey from a Fresher to a Professional in Corporate Industry

It was the third Friday of March 2021, the beauty of the spring season was at its peak in the northern part of India. I was sitting in front of my laptop on a zoom call when I saw my name popping up on my laptop screen. I had won a Spotlight Award for the Bright Beginning. I was over the moon after seeing my name. But where did it all begin? Let me walk you through my journey from a fresher to a professional. Naive to the corporate world, I stepped into the world of technology with excitement, unaware

How to avoid double splash screens in Android 12?

Usually, any app takes some loading time before being available for the user. Whenever the user opens up any app, the first screen visible to the user is known as the Splash Screen, which covers up the app's loading time.

Everything You Need to Know About Boosting Documents with Weighted Fields in Azure Search

This article explains everything about Boosting Documents with Weighted Fields in Azure Search.

How to optimise localization in iOS Swift App?

It's never been as easy as it is now to launch into global markets via mobile apps. You must be wondering why I wrote this blog because we can easily support varying locales to understand and be usable by all users, right? Let's read why. Earlier, providing L10n (localization) was just possible natively by integrating .strings, .stringsdict and .plist files in Xcode. This approach had various drawbacks such as: App's language would be set to the device's language by default instead of choosing the preferred language. There was no out-of-the-box support for .json. However, JSON support could be accomplished natively

Rails 7 auto detects inverse_of for scoped associations

Rails framework is famous for developers' happiness and making things simpler due to its magic, provided developers follow proper conventions. To extend this magic and to make things simple further, Rails 7 has introduced a change with this PR after which, inverse_of would be inferred automatically for model associations having scopes. In this article, we'll dive into understanding it with examples. Let's say we have a Project model with many assigned tasks. # app/models/project.rb class Project < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :tasks, -> { assigned } end # app/models/task.rb class Task < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to

WebdriverIO supports Chaining without multiple await statements

Ever since WebdriverIO got launched, major companies adopted this tool for automation. It became popular very fast due to its powerful advantages. Since the launch, there have been lots of changes and improvements being made to the tool. In this article, we'll be discussing one of the improvements that have really helped us in writing automation scripts in async mode. WebdriverIO is asynchronous by nature. Earlier, WebdriverIO used to provide the ability to run commands in sync mode using node-fibers. However, due to some breaking changes in Chromium, WebdriverIO discontinued the support for sync mode. Please refer Sync vs. Async

Android Chat App In Six Simple Steps Using Azure Communication

Android code to implement chat functionality with the help of Azure Communication Service.