Azure Communication Chat SDK: Limitations and Workarounds

Using ACS SDK, we can incorporate a chat feature into our application. In this article, we will see how we can overcome limitations of Chat SDK.

How to diagnose Durable Functions using Azure Storage Tables?

The most commonly used code-editor-based debugging approach is generally not very helpful in the case of Durable Functions as it makes issue tracking difficult. This article helps to analyze a durable orchestration using Azure Storage Tables. Also, the blog will help you write an efficient workflow. Note: This blog assumes you are familiar with Durable Functions, Task Hub, and Storage Explorer. Also, assuming Azure Table Storage is the back-end data store and C# is used for coding. There may be slight differences in case you are using another storage mechanism or language. Durable Functions: The Durable Functions are great for

Invite email with Add to Calendar link using C#

Have you ever organized an event where many of the registered guests didn't attend the event? To ensure maximum turnaround in an event, an email with an AddToCalendar link can be beneficial as it will help to remind the attendees once they add it to their calendar. Let's see how we can generate and add this magical link in our emails. What you’ll need? An ICS (Internet Calendar Scheduling) FileAn MVC API to download the fileAn ICS File 👀 What is that? The ICS format is a universal calendar file format that all popular calendar applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple

Orchestration using Durable Azure Function

We are crafting a .NET framework based CRM web application. In our application, we have many time-consuming asynchronous processes running in the background. For that, we did azure function orchestration using azure storage queues and tables. Soon, we ran into limitations of complexity; as the application started to grow. With the application, orchestration also started to grow. Because of that, we faced significant challenges such as Error Handling, Unmanageable Code. Thus to overcome those challenges, we started using the Durable Azure Function. This article aims to explain how to achieve Orchestration using a Durable Function, an extension of the Azure

Create web page in Umbraco.

In the previous article we had seen how to install Umbraco in visual studio. In this article we will discuss about the concepts needed to start creating web site and publishing content. To create content and pages we must know 3 basic elements in Umbraco: 1. Document type: It refers to type of content to be stored. Document type contains different property editors like rich text editor, media picker, content picker and grid editor. Property editors define what kind of data is to be stored . We can also create property editors by creating new data type. Umbraco give us freedom

Its all about U: Umbraco CMS

Installation of Umbraco in Visual Studio Introduction to Umbraco: Umbraco is an open source content management system developed using C#. It follows the MVC pattern. - [1] If you know C# and MVC you can easily learn umbraco. ‘U’ offers us following feature for developing and maintaining our website : Full control over design, markup and version control of all contents Ability to schedule content publishing Simple editing and publishing Support for localization Provides workflow and event tracking feature In this blog we will discuss about how to install umbraco using nuget package manager.So, let’s start with installing umbraco: