Rails 7 adds new options to upsert_all

We often come across use cases in a Rails application where we need to create, update, or delete records in bulk. Most ORMs naively update or insert each record individually by executing N+1 database queries. To address this problem, Rails 6 added the upsert_all method that provides a faster way to update and insert a large number of records. upsert_all uses a single SQL INSERT statement for updating/inserting the records. And it does so without instantiating any models. Nor does it trigger any Active Record callbacks or validations ! How upsert_all works? If we check the

Customizing Wistia Player with JavaScript Plugins

This article guides on how to create custom portable Wistia plugin to control playback of videos with JavaScript.

Rails 7 introduces ComparisonValidator to compare data with validation

Rails 7 adds ComparisonValidator to compare and validate numeric, date and string values. It provides comparisons options that accept value, procs, or symbol.

Postgres GIN Index in Rails

This article introduces to GIN index in the Postgres database and how to use it in the Rails application.

Rails 7 brings Import Maps into the limelight

Rails 7 puts forward an alternative approach to bundling JS called Import Maps. Read this blog to find out more about it.

Why use Azure Notification Hub with Push Notification Service?

Let’s know why to use PNS with Azure Notification Hub push engine that allows us to send notifications from any platform to any platform.

Optimizing data retrieval using Realm Swift query

This article gives insights on Realm Extension Functions, through which time taken for a filter on the database is drastically reduced.

How to replace strings.xml dynamically in Android?

Handling localization is a tedious process in Android, but what if I tell you it can be done in a much simpler and effective way using Restring.

Architect role-permissions based app using React Hooks

React is a very popular and growing JavaScript library. When we think in the context of MVC architecture, React comprises the View in MVC architecture. For managing application state, we may need to rely on other JavaScript state management libraries like Redux or if you are using React v16+, so you can use React's Context API in combination with useReducer hook to serve our state management purpose. Good architecture makes the system easy to understand, easy to develop, easy to maintain, and easy to deploy. The ultimate goal is to minimize the lifetime cost of the system and to maximize

Deep Search with Azure Search

Efficient & robust search functionality is a necessity of any software application, may it be web, mobile, or desktop. It's a "must" to improve user experience (UX) and adoption. The search feature may seem very simple to a user but its very complex and challenging behind the scene to implement especially deep search. For one of our web applications, we had a challenging requirement to add several nested filters on search result pages. The primary data was sourced through Azure search on these web pages. In this article, I am sharing our learnings about Azure search and the power of