Selenium 4 CDP Integration With Capybara

Let's explore how we can use Chrome Dev Tools Protocols(CDP) with Capybara. We will look at headers, cookies, and cache manipulation using CDP

How To Capture Skipped Automation Tests in Extent Report?

Test Automation for regression test cases has become an important part of UAT. To draw the most benefits from automation suite, it is pertinent that test reports are easy to read. Test reports should provide complete details of automation suite execution. We have a selenium- based automation suite with TestNG framework for our project. We have used Extent Report for test execution status reporting in our automation. In this article, we will explain the steps to capture the details of test functions skipped in the report. BackgroundWe have designed automation suite to cover the user journeys in the application. There

How to setup CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins for Test Automation Suite?

Automating test scenarios have become an integral part of any successful product release. We have selenium automation suite covering important feature flows. We run our test suite on a weekly basis as a regression health indicator. We deployed Jenkins, a CI/CD tool, to build, deploy and automate our test suite. In this article, we will explain the steps to set up Jenkins on our Ubuntu machine and how we overcame the various challenges we faced. Background We collaborate with a USA based large CRM SaaS application to build new features. We also enhance the application. We use Kanban Agile

Dealing With Dynamic Elements And Canvas In Selenium

We have one CRM product of our client and we are in process of automating it. In that, we have one orders section where user can place orders for either themselves or for the customers. In the orders flow, since the user is purchasing product of their choice which are customised niche products – we have a requirement for the user to accept the agreements, and also sign the agreement, before they can go ahead and make a payment for their purchase. In theory, this sounds pretty straightforward to do as most of the applications have some agreements to accept inorder

Using Selenium IDE

What is selenium IDE: Selenium-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a tool that you use to develop your Selenium test cases. It’s a Firefox plug-in. The 'record' button in selenium IDE enables user to record his actions and is a real time saver. Although, many-a-times, due to the external plugins used in our app, we need to manually write scripts or atleast modify the recorded scripts. Why should developers know about selenium IDE? In many of our applications, we have multiple forms and features that require testing/checking whenever we make slightest of change in our code. Selenium IDE provides