[git-sh][1] (git shell) is an interactive shell for git and its new way to use Git.

git-sh provides a dedicated shell just for our Git commands.

Installing git-sh:
$ sudo apt-get install git-sh

Start a shell with git-sh:
$ cd liquor
$ git-sh
master!liquor *>

At its simplest, git-sh saves you from typing the word git over and over.

We are familier with these type of git commands:
$ git status
$ git add -p
$ git commit
$ git push

With git-sh this gets easier:
$ git-sh
master!liquor *> status
master!liquor *> add -p
master!liquor *> commit -m "message"
master!liquor *> push
master!liquor *> :exit
master!liquor *> ctrl+d

The default prompt shows the current branch, a bang (!), and then the relative path to the current working directory from the root of the work tree.

All of the git aliases will work in git-sh too.

There is some example of git-sh aliases:

a = git add
b = git branch
c = git checkout
d = git diff
l = git log
pop = git reset --soft HEAD^
peek = git log -p --max-count=1
hard = git reset --hard
soft = git reset --soft

For more details about [git-sh click here][2]
[1]: https://github.com/rtomayko/git-sh
[2]: https://github.com/rtomayko/git-sh