An Introduction to Ruby's 'Fibers'

Image Source: are fibers? Fibers are workers, they run code & keep track of their progress. They are a concurrency mechanism like threads but are contrasting in nature when compared with threads. The control flow of a thread can get interrupted at any time and another thread can take over. With fiber, the control only switches when we explicitly tell it to. In this article, we will dive deeper to understand this difference and how to implement Fibers. First things first, the difference between #fibers and #threads Fibers are light-weight and they eat much less memory

Gracefully integrate Reactjs with Ruby on Rails in SaaS Applications

This blog illustrates how we can easily setup a ruby on rails application with ReactJs as a front-end framework

Nested commenting system without using any Gem

We all know, Comments are every where Blogs, Social Networking sites, e-learning forums etc. In this article, we've got an Article model and we want to create a nested commenting system onto that. Such that Article can have comments, comments can have replys, replys can have more replys and so on. For example - This is an article This is an comment this is a reply this is a reply's reply .... (so on) This is another comment. Now, we're going to talk about polymorphic associations and what they are and how they can be implemented for nested commenting system. What