Rails Store - A solution to store multiple value in single column.

What is ActiveRecord::Store? Store provides a simple means of accessing and storing key/value pairs related to a model. Store gives you a thin wrapper around serialize for the purpose of storing hashes in a single column. In simple words, it is used for storing mutiple columns under a single column. Its serailized/deserialized to save and load the data for easy access. Example You have a Music application, you want to cache the last volume adjustment for the user. So that when he returns back, same volume level is applied, similarly other volume related settings. Now you can

Setting attribute values in active records.

This is an awesome link on how to setup attributes on ActiveRecord LINK: 5-ways to set attributes And I want to mention one trick about active record: When we try to assign a value to active record object like class A In case of any queries, post your queries in comments.