Upload files from command line using tranfer.sh

Ever stuck on a remote server with some file? Needed to upload/download file from remote server? Find FTP clients tedious for a simple file upload/download? Keep reading for one stop solution to all these problems. Many a times I fall in situation where I have to deal with remote servers and just to upload a file I have to open FTP clients and have to leave command line for such a simple task. I always wondered if, there was a command line way of doing simple FTP stuffs. Then few weeks ago I came across transfer.sh. As

Writing binary file in Cordova and uploading it to server using Cordova File Transfer plugin

Cordova File Transfer plugin allows you to transfer / upload photos from mobile to server. You generally need a file with path for transferring / uploading files via File Transfer plugin. More information on how to use Cordova File transfer plugin can be found here. This plugin won't help much when we have a Base64 image (usually a drawing or signature drawn on canvas). To upload such images we can do: take your base64. write it to a file. then just use file transfer plugin to upload it to server. In this article, I would explain how we can write Base64 image