Be cautious with 'display: none' style

Most of the time, we use display: none property to hide the elements from out HTML page. Reference: But this property might make you bang your head, if you are adding any event to the elements having this property. Yeah, recently we faced some strange issue in our ember-application. We have a image-upload feature in application. For that we have added a button "Add Image" and a file input. The file input we kept hidden and on click of the button "Add Image", we were triggering click

Ember.js: Create link to div on another page using link-to helper

In simple html pages, we can easily create link to div tag or any other tag on same page and even on different pages. For example: Heading Text Refer it as: Link text Now how we can achieve it in Ember.js using {{link-to}} helper? Lets take as example: -> Consider we have a page "/faq" and it has following content: faq.hbs .. What kinds of items can be donated? .. -> Now we want to visit page "faq" and scroll it down to the above question. -> Simply, we can achieve it using

Integrating Kaltura

Kaltura is an third party video implementation library. Using Kaltura we can host our videos on a dedicated server or cloud. Advantages: You can host your own CE server to store videos and create players. You can host it on cloud, which is paid as well as free, but for free you can upload less videos and you get less cuztomizations. One can secure the video by streaming the video using RTMP protocol, now the video cant be downloaded via RealPlayer or any web download means. Also the video is supported across all browsers and all devices including iOS devices.