Rails Parameters Parsing and the Case of Parameters Corruption

Rails is a developer-friendly web application framework that enables developers to do more with less code, but it isn’t always clear exactly what’s going on under the covers. One area where I’ve had a hard time was understanding how Rails parses the Request query parameters and the Form variables. So what's a query parameter? Query parameters are an optional set of key-value pairs that appear after the question mark in the URL. For example, name=contra is a query parameter in https://example.com/over/there?name=contra. And what's a form variable? When we submit a

XML Parsing with Ruby

In one of the projects(ACES), we came across a functionality: to parse huge(50mb+) XML files. Here efficiency was very critical piece, as file size was huge. Also we wanted the results of parsing quickly for further analysis so the effective time was less and application performance was unhampered. We chose SAX Parsing Technique(DOM vs SAX) There are two ways to parse an xml file, DOM and SAX. SAX being more efficient as it process the xml file incrementally, thereby memory utilization is minimum. Whereas a DOM parser, builds a tree representation of the entire document in memory