Monitor Form Changes

All of us have e-forms in our apps, it is an effective tool for gathering information of and from the users. A user fills the e-form and saves the same. Many-a-times, we need to monitor if the user has modified the form contents after once saving the form. Found a plugin that monitors form changes. Add the following code to .js file: (function ($) { $.fn.watchChanges = function () { return this.each(function () { $.data(this, 'formHash', $(this).serialize()); }); }; $.fn.hasChanged = function () { var hasChanged = true; this.each(function () { var formHash = $.data(this, 'formHash'); if (formHash == $(this).serialize()) { hasChanged = false; return true; } }); return hasChanged; }; }).call(

Isotope Plugin

Jquery.isotope.js A jquery plugin to organize the Grids and shuffle the grids automatically based on the height and width of the container. Advantages It has different layouts that we can use to organize the grids in the way we want. Also enables us to extend the existing layouts extensively to suite our needs. It allows us to filter the grids based on the properties of grid. eg: "All employees, Male Employees, Female Employees" We can also order the grids based on priorities. From the above example, we can order employees based on their age( Male Employees