PJAX Related performance improvements

PJAX Related performance improvements To know about PJAX [(Click Here)(Pjax Railscast)][1] Post from Kavita: [How to PJAX][2] Pjax is a great solution when we want to do partial refreshing of page at the same time maintaining the history of user navigation, But it has few issues when the app grows Basically PJAX works like this, Issuing a PJAX request to refresh the section of the page( eg: #conainer). Basically it fires an html ajax. Rails server handles the html request and renders the complete html page. These html template is parsed by the middleware, which removes the

Pjax in rails

For any applications, we require many jquery and css files to be loaded on each request (i.e HTML requests). Instead, we can render all the files at once and reuse these files over-and-over again to save our page-load time. To serve this purpose, we have several gems and one of them is rack-pjax. rack-pjax uses ajax and pushState to deliver a fast browsing experience with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button. pjax works by grabbing html from your server via ajax and replacing the content of a container on your page with the ajax'd html. It