CSS and ActionMailer in Rails3.

Lately, I was working on a project where I found an issue that emails sent using ActionMailer were not applying css styles to the html elements of the email. On adding style tag in the email view files, I was able to view stylings on thunderbird mail and ymail but still I was unable to view css stylings for emails in gmail. On furthur investigating the issue, I found that gmail requires inline stylings to be applied to the email templates. I found some gems which could fix this problem by converting external css to inline css. I tried the

Mass Assignment in Rails 3

What is Mass Assignment? Assigning multiple attributes of a record with params received from the application within a single query. For example,{:user => {:first_name => "FirstName", :last_name => "LastName", :role => "admin"}} So while creating a new record in User table, we specify as => User.create(params[:user]) In the above query, rails gives the freedom for one-to-one mapping of params attributes with model-record attributes. Lets say, we don't explicitly specify as User.create(:first_name => params[:user][:first_name], :last_name => params[:user][:last_name].......). Such assignments