Webdriver Script basics with sample code

WebDriver Basic Syntax: 1. Creating New Instance of Firefox Driver: WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); //Above given syntax will create new instance of Firefox driver. 2. Command to Open URL In Browser: driver.get("http://www.kiprosh.com"); //This syntax will open specified URL in web browser. 3. Clicking on any element or button of webpage: driver.findElement(By.id("submitButton")).click(); //Above given syntax will click on targeted element in WebDriver. 4. Store text of targeted element in variable: String dropdown = driver.findElement(By.tagName("select")).getText(); //This syntax will retrieve text from targeted

WebDriver Basics and Setup instructions

WebDriver Basics and Setup instructions A: What is WebDriver? • WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows us to execute our tests against different browsers, not just Firefox (unlike Selenium IDE). WebDriver supports Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera. • WebDriver supports web as well mobile application testing so we can also test mobile applications (IPhone or Android). • WebDriver also enables us to use a programming language to create our test scripts (that is not possible in Selenium IDE). • We can now use conditional operations like if-then-else or switch-case. We can also perform looping like do-while. • Following programming languages are supported

How to write testcases ?

In Agile, writing test cases can be little different as compared to other methodologies. We never get entire complete functionality to test because we build the functionalities in iterations and only part of the functionality is delivered in each Sprint (aka iteration). So now whenever any Story is delivered in any Sprint. First thing a Tester must do is request the Programmer for a short Knowledge-Transition (K.T) session regarding this story. And we should cover the following points during the discussion: 1- What should be tested? 2- What should NOT be tested? 3- Any high risk areas? 4- Take