Creating Drop Down Component with Ember Contextual Component

In most of the recent frameworks, you must have came across concept called Component. Component has became integral part of JS development these days. Those are independent and reusable bits of code, which make your code looks much more cleaner and maintainable. Here in this article, we will look into “Contextual Component” to write more flexible and expressive interfaces for your components in Ember.js framework. Problem: While working on one of the Ember.js application, we came across a requirement of adding a drop-down in the project. There were already two drop-down components, but they were very tightly coupled

Improving NodeJS Performance With Clustering

Scaling node application can be tricky. It isn’t an easy topic. It requires lots of expertise both in terms of having knowledge about node nuances and how to manage resources. You can scale your application either by Vertical Scaling or by Horizontal scaling or by both. Apart from these, there are other factors that should be considered for better Node performance is either using ‘Cluster’ Mode or ‘Worker Threads’. We are going to focus on ‘Cluster’ Mode. Cluster Mode is used to start up multiple copies of nodes that are all running your server inside them. As we know