Improving NodeJS Performance With Clustering

Scaling node application can be tricky. It isn’t an easy topic. It requires lots of expertise both in terms of having knowledge about node nuances and how to manage resources. You can scale your application either by Vertical Scaling or by Horizontal scaling or by both. Apart from these, there are other factors that should be considered for better Node performance is either using ‘Cluster’ Mode or ‘Worker Threads’. We are going to focus on ‘Cluster’ Mode. Cluster Mode is used to start up multiple copies of nodes that are all running your server inside them. As we know

Performance Optimisations on a Rails App

Method Missing Method Missing is one of the concepts of metaprogramming ruby. Although metaprogramming is very powerful it too has some shortcomings especially speed. A normal method is comparatively 1.5x times faster than a missing method. One of our users complained about our calendar page being very slow - on inspecting we found request was taking more than 30 seconds for loading the month view of the calendar and eventually request timed out. The user had lots of activities on that calendar - 2000+. On further inspection, we found our DB query was quite fast but each activity was