Integrate Third-Party API with Serverless Architecture

Overview We come across various third-party services that we sometimes need to make a product. In this article, we will go through how serverless architecture became an efficient solution for us while integrating third-party services. We've used AWS serverless architecture to integrate third-party services with our application. We will also discuss the details of how we've broken down various operations of the third-party service and made it work serverless. About third-party Integration: Logiwa Warehouse Management System In one of our recent e-commerce project, we were integrating Logiwa Warehouse Management System API. In this third party integration, there were a few

Preview email before actually sending them using Node.js

Why does it matter to not send an email during development on local? At times, while doing development we tend to send an email intentionally or unintentionally to verify the email functionality for a specific feature which intern could lead to getting bombarded with testing emails which is of no use. Then it could be possible that the developer needed to reply on the same email saying, “Please ignore the last mail as it was by mistakenly sent during testing on local” The situation still could be handled with peace when the victim is the colleague of yours What if