How we automated our recruitment process using Zapier, Airtable & Trello

As a tech organisation, we always strive to find suitable talent for available positions, and then move them quickly through the application funnel, from sourcing to hiring. The goal is to onboard a potential candidate as fast as possible. In this endeavor, we decided to automate our recruitment processes so that the overall time to screen, interview and to release an offer is relatively faster. Background Interested candidates apply on our website through careers page. We have a referral program for our associates so it also resulted in wider interest. We also receive direct applications through email on careers@kiprosh.

Generating Image Thumbnail In Elixir Phoenix With ImageMagick

Thumbnails becomes inevitable part of the process when dealing with images. They provide us a way to give a peek through the original image which helps in building rich user experience in modern applications. In an internal productivity tool while building this experience, Our whole attachments feature was ready and we had found the only available option in Elixir/Phoenix ecosystem Thumbnex for generating thumbnails. Once we started integrating this library, we almost immediately got hit by following error: ** (ErlangError) Erlang error: :enoent (elixir) lib/system.ex:622: System.cmd("ffprobe", ["-show_format", "/var/folders/

Building Algolia Powered Search In React Native

Algolia provides in a nutshell, Search As A Service, which if you think is a pretty cool service. It takes away all the heavy lifting of building & maintaining a search infrastructure, gives you a nice API to work with and a robust monitoring to keep everything in check. The team at Algolia has open sourced API client for most of the programming languages & also built libraries for a bunch of popular platforms out there. React-InstantSearch is one of such library which we will be using in this example. Here is the demo of what we’re going to

Upload Multiple Files To Cloudinary Using React Dropzone & Axios

We had a requirement in one of our recent client’s project to provide a lot of file uploading. Being a developer we are quite used to the whole uploading process & the time it takes on the internet. However, file upload can be a daunting experience for a massive amount of users on the internet so, be mindful when you’re working on one. We’ve good experience in building file uploading — By leveraging all those experience our aim was to build a delightful user experience around it. I’ve described below the service & libraries we used to

Getting started with PreactJS — A Step By Step Guide

PreactJS is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 APIFirst, some background…PreactJS is developed by Jason Miller — one of my programming heroes. The framework was developed with a goal of providing high performance, memory efficiency and close compatibility with React API with an aim to keep the footprint as small as possible i.e 3kb. Preact is increasingly getting adopted in the community with a bunch of high load websites already using it successfully in production. Housing Go is now powered by preact. 🔥 🎉 Thanks to @_developit and @brian_d_vaughn for their help.

9 libraries to consider for your next React Native project

React Native has made mobile application development process bliss for developers, there’s no doubt in that. I’ve been working on it full time since last 5 months and I couldn’t be more happier then how I’m right now. After working on bunch of React Native projects, I was retrospecting the libraries I was using and turns out there are quite few of them which are essentially shaping up my projects very well. Hence, I thought I could compile a list and share it with the community. Here we go: React Native App IntroMost of the users

5 React Native Open Source Projects To Learn From

Best way to learn writing software is to read open source code — Every Senior Programmer.Reading open source code is the best and effective way to tech yourself to write better code, especially if the tool is fairly new or the standards around that tool is still evolving. ReactNative is a perfect candidate for such a tool. It is under constant iteration cycle with APIs evolving with every release, Massive pool of libraries to chose from and very limited list of resources on how to move beyond getting started guides. Even otherwise, It is always a best practice to read