Imgcache Plugin to store images offline for Cordova Applications

Introduction Image Cache is JS library used to provide a nice interface for locally storing images for offline apps using PhoneGap/Cordova. This library is especially useful for mobile web applications using Phonegap/Cordova where image becomes stale (invalid) after normal offline navigation. therefore in this case we can not relied upon Normal Cache. So by using image cache we can store images in the cache and replace the stale version of normal cache with fresh version of image cache. This is the best solution I have found so far to provide easy caching of images within a Cordova web

Difference Between Attribute vs Property in Jquery

What is a property? JS DOM objects have properties. These properties are kind of like instance variables for the particular element. As such, a property can be different types (boolean, string, etc.). Properties can be accessed using jQuery’s prop method (as seen below) and also by interacting with the object in vanilla JS. Let’s take a look: <a href='page.html' class='link_classes' name='linkName' id='linkID'>Hi</a> $('#linkID').prop('href'); // returns "" $('#linkID').prop('name'); // returns "linkName" $('#linkID').prop('id')