Cordova File Transfer Plugin

Cordova File Transfer Plugin allows you to upload and download files. Installation cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file-transfer FileTransfer: uploads a file to a remote server. Properties: onprogress: Called with a ProgressEvent whenever a new chunk of data is transferred. (Function) Methods: upload: Given an absolute file path, uploads a file on the device to a remote server using a multipart HTTP request. download: downloads a file from server. abort: Aborts an in-progress transfer. Upload: Parameters: filePath {String} : Full path of the file on the device server {String}: URL of the server to receive the file successCallback (Function}: Callback to be invoked

Integration of WebUI-Popover in Active Admin

Recently we have used WebUI-Popover plugin in Active Admin. It is a lightWeight popover plugin with jquery. It can be use with bootstrap, but bootstrap is not necessary! Browser compatibility for this plugin is ie8+,Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera. We need jquery1.7.1+ for this. Steps For adding WebUI-Popover are: Download from Extract zip folder go into src folder copy jquery.webui-popover.css this file and paste in app/assets/stylesheets of your project. Same for jquery.webui-popover.js paste in app/assets/javascripts in your "active_admin.