Integrating jquery-tokeninput plugin for getting tokenized input in text-field

Recently while working on one of our app there was a scenario where I was expecting text-field input as multiple values from predefined list of values in database. Also, user should get suggestion for matching values from database as he types in that text-field and value which do not exist in database should not be allowed to enter. I found one perfect solution on this scenario, that is [jquery-tokeninput][1] What I did to integrate plugin is very simple and as follows- Add jquery.tokeninput.js to your javascripts folder. Add token-input-facebook.css or token-input.css (You can add any

Integration of WebUI-Popover in Active Admin

Recently we have used WebUI-Popover plugin in Active Admin. It is a lightWeight popover plugin with jquery. It can be use with bootstrap, but bootstrap is not necessary! Browser compatibility for this plugin is ie8+,Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera. We need jquery1.7.1+ for this. Steps For adding WebUI-Popover are: Download from Extract zip folder go into src folder copy jquery.webui-popover.css this file and paste in app/assets/stylesheets of your project. Same for jquery.webui-popover.js paste in app/assets/javascripts in your "active_admin.

jquery.pageless plugin for infinite pagination with scroll

Pagination in Rails Application: Kaminari and will_paginate are the mostly used and the best gems for pagination. Also if you want to go for pagination on scroll with link for ex. “Load More Result” (as we have for activities in knowbuddy), then it is also easy with this gems. You can check this tutorial(Tutorial) Pagination with infinite scrolling: But if you want to have pagination as we have in facebook, without any load-more link, just display result as we scroll down through the page, then here you can make use of this plugin jquery.pageless [Github link(Github

jquery ketchup-plugin for Client-side form-validation

jquery ketchup-plugin for Client-side form-validation: There are many jquery plugins available for client-side form validation (to validate form before actually submitting it). jquery ketchup-plugin is one of them. Github: Demo: Validations provided by plugin: Steps: include css file in your application.css file *= require jquery.ketchup include js file in your application.js file //= require jquery.ketchup.all.min Form: = simple_form_for(@user, :html => {:class => 'ket-validation'}) do |f| = f.input :first_name, input_html: { class: "required_field "} = f.