Preloading associations while using find_by_sql

To preload the associated records we generally use #includes, #preload or #eager_load for more information please see this blog This will work perfectly if we preload associations for an ActiveRecord::Relation, but in case if we want to load associated records for an Array, these methods will fail Let's consider this example class Company < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :users end class User < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :company end Say we have a query, which is performing joins and also have sub queries, then we would need to use find_by_sql, to generate the query. But find_

Integrating datepicker and timepicker with active admin

In one of our apps, the requirement was having a datetime field which will allow user/admin to select date and time in active admin. So the very first option which I had that was to use existing gem, But this gem doesn't seem to be maintained since last year, so this option was ruled out! The next option was creating DateTimePicker manually using gem "jquery-ui-rails" and then adding .js and .css.scss files in active-admin, this solution was also not working for me! We found one gem gem 'pickadate-rails' documentation can be