Add 'Today' button in Kalendae datepicker popover

In our current app we are using kalendae datepicker plugin. Lately, we wanted to add a 'today' button that is visible to the user in all the datepicker popovers(used for numerous date fields throughout the app). As the name suggests on clicking this button, the current date gets selected and is displayed in the corresponding field. Github link of kalendae - We can do this by writing function to add button in popup and then we can use it wherever we need. function setTodaysDate(kalendae_popup){ var inputToAdd = $("", { type : "button", id : "set_today_date"

Integrating datepicker and timepicker with active admin

In one of our apps, the requirement was having a datetime field which will allow user/admin to select date and time in active admin. So the very first option which I had that was to use existing gem, But this gem doesn't seem to be maintained since last year, so this option was ruled out! The next option was creating DateTimePicker manually using gem "jquery-ui-rails" and then adding .js and .css.scss files in active-admin, this solution was also not working for me! We found one gem gem 'pickadate-rails' documentation can be