This gem is not something that you are going to use in project,

However, This will help you to get all the cheatsheats, that will help us in getting up to speed.

Setting up cheat gem

  gem install cheat

The first command u need to try out is the sheets

  cheat cheat    : How to use cheat gem
  cheat sheets   : Show list of available lists in console.

This will give u a list of available sheets like: git, cucumber, rspec, svn, ssh, loose_weight etc. The list is also growing continuesly

How to use this,

   cheat git
   cheat cucumber

If you don't like to view it on your console( OR you are not interested in installing gem ),Then there is one more trick to view this sheets in browser. : List of all sheets, I would recommend every one to see this page first. The list is huge. : cheat for Git : cheat for cucumber

How to use this in browser,[Name of sheet]

Link-1 : [Cheat-Homepage(Cheat-Homepage)][1]

Link-2 : [Add and Edit Cheat- How to (Add and Edit Cheat- How to)][2]