Draw architectural design of the project using "railroady" gem

As a developer no one likes to write a complete documentation for a project. Butsometime we have to give some document which explain at least our architectural design of project. If in future anyone else work on same project then he can easily understand the overview and business logic before look into the code.We should draw a simple architectural design of our project models, controller and their relationship. There is a gem which provides all necessary diagrams - add it into development group. gem 'railroady' System Requirements $ sudo apt-get install graphviz run $ rake diagram:all It generates all diagrams

Crawling and Scraping Techniques in Ruby

Problem case to solve : Crawl any given site(url), scrape each page uniquely for content from given selector or Xpath Available options for Crawling and Scraping : With [libxml2][1] [Nokogiri][2] is one of the fastest HTML/XML parser. Almost all of the scraping tools written in Ruby such as Mechanize, Wombat, Anemone, etc. uses Nokogiri as there base DSL for sraping. [Mechanize][3] - Is a beast in this category. It efficiently uses Nokogiri for HTML scrapping. Do see Abi's post on [Automating browser navigation's through Script][4] [Wombat][5] takes the scraping term to a next higher level,

Cheat Gem to Get Cheats.

This gem is not something that you are going to use in project, However, This will help you to get all the cheatsheats, that will help us in getting up to speed. Setting up cheat gem gem install cheat The first command u need to try out is the sheets cheat cheat : How to use cheat gem cheat sheets : Show list of available lists in console. This will give u a list of available sheets like: git, cucumber, rspec, svn, ssh, loose_weight etc. The list is also growing continuesly How to use this, cheat git cheat cucumber If you