It's about a year working and being an associate at Kiprosh. Last one year has gone really fast for me. I experienced so many good things: course-correction for my bad habits on coding style, honing my inter-personal skills, stretching myself beyond my known boundaries and so on.

In this post, I would like to talk about culture at Kiprosh and reflect on how does it feel like being a Kiprosher

Culture at Kiprosh

At first glance it felt like, it will be difficult for me to work with this high energy and fast paced team. But, Kiproshers are by nature very open to ideas/thoughts/discussions so I immediately became part of 'them'. Personally I like to work in an open environment with freedom to explore new tools technique and freedom to share with team. It was exactly same environment, what else to ask for?

It's a place where you can grab the floor any time and share your thoughts/new tools you discovered/talk anything :) Even Lunch and evening snacks are kind of ceremonies where you eat and talk and no 'eat-at-your-desk' allowed, which is important to remind you that you are a human being first.

My Experience

Coming from a big company (my first company TCS!) it's a drastic change for me. If you think I will compare two, I can't. (Both companies are very different, immensely shaped my life and made me who I am)

I was picked up for a large international SaaS project, which is where I spent my entire time at Kiprosh. I loved the tech discussions and after work discussions with Rohan, Shivani and team members. We not only discussed tech issues but users' pain areas as well. As customers and Martin supported to build a better tool for long term rather than cutting corners and get the job done, I feel like this is what you want to do as a developer. We built some complex features and some times I stretched too, but what I remember more is Rohan and Shivani (our Founders) asking to leave at 8:30 PM - 9 PM. Emails from our HR teams worked as reminders to be productive in office-hours rather than sit longer hours in office and loose productivity.

I loved code review sessions and I feel I got better from every previous day. Various patterns and anti-patterns I found in my coding style. Peculiar use of coding conventions and benchmark comparison of code snippets with project team members was very interesting and helpful to me.

Besides coding, I had very fond memories of Family events, every one from my family members (wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law) said, they really enjoyed and didn't feel like meeting with techies. Friday fun games were very creative and I enjoyed thoroughly. Recently meeting with Martin (the genius) in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and working out of Cup-a-Joe was very different work style.

I realised that Kiprosh founders really care about having the right culture of trust, respect and freedom. This clearly shows while working with various team members as founders are very selective during hiring process and then onboarding to ensure culture is intact. Kiprosh founders go through immense depth, specific details and hard work to nurture team members (juniors, seniors, leadership etc.) and groom them throughout to always have the right culture. This is why Kiprosh is an awesome place to work and develop career.

If someone asks me one thing you learned at Kiprosh, I would say, positive energy and attitude can take you miles ahead in your life