How does it feel like being a Kiprosher?

It's about a year working and being an associate at Kiprosh. Last one year has gone really fast for me. I experienced so many good things: course-correction for my bad habits on coding style, honing my inter-personal skills, stretching myself beyond my known boundaries and so on. In this post, I would like to talk about culture at Kiprosh and reflect on how does it feel like being a Kiprosher Culture at Kiprosh At first glance it felt like, it will be difficult for me to work with this high energy and fast paced team. But, Kiproshers are by nature

Clear Redis cache and Solr indexes

As I am working in an app which needs keys to be stored in Redis and index data in Solr, due to redis eviction policy, sometimes keys gets evicted, but index in solar remains same, which result in confusing local behavior for me. To clear local redis copy, I do it from redis-cli: $ redis-cli> FLUSHDB OK> FLUSHALL OK> exit To remove Solr indexes, I use curl: $ curl http://localhost:8982/solr/update?commit=true -d '**:**'

How to Introduce BatmanJS to existing Rails application

While evaluating [BatmanJS(BatmanJS)][1] for one of the biggest application here @Kiprosh, I found it very much Rails like and started drawing parallels when I was doing MVP with Rails and BatmanJS. Note: This is not a tutorial for [getting started(Getting Started)][2] or [building rails app with BatmanJS(Another getting started)][3] . I personally like [Zack hubert's blog(Zack hubert's blog)][4] and [Batman for SuperHeroes(Batman for super heroes)][5] If you are book lover, you will certainly like [cookbook(Cookbook for BatmanJS)][6] I am sharing my experience on possible approaches/concepts to move view-layer