Distributed indexing and searching with Apache SolrCloud

Since quite some time, we use Apache Solr in one of our project for indexing data to search it faster from Solr server instead of always searching it from main database and creating bottleneck. We use Sunspot gem which is ruby library for rails application to implement Apache solr. Recently we thought to implement Apache SolrCloud architecture in same application to manage our daily growing Solr data more efficiently with this powerful feature of Apache Solr. In brief, you can consider it as a another database where your data is indexed and stored as xml documents. You can query this

Clear Redis cache and Solr indexes

As I am working in an app which needs keys to be stored in Redis and index data in Solr, due to redis eviction policy, sometimes keys gets evicted, but index in solar remains same, which result in confusing local behavior for me. To clear local redis copy, I do it from redis-cli: $ redis-cli> FLUSHDB OK> FLUSHALL OK> exit To remove Solr indexes, I use curl: $ curl http://localhost:8982/solr/update?commit=true -d '**:**'

Solr configuration for CircleCI build

Recently, in one of our in-house app, we faced issues with RSolr that failed all our builds in CircleCI. We faced following RSolr specific errors in our CircleCI builds for the repo. RSolr::Error::Http: RSolr::Error::Http - 500 Internal Server Error Error: Severe errors in solr configuration. Check your solr log files for more detailed information on what may be wrong. If you want solr to continue after configuration errors, change it to following configuration instead of null <abortOnConfigurationError>false</abortOnConfigurationError> After troubleshooting and debugging, we noticed that our repo in git just had

Solr query language and testing search results using "Solr Admin" page

Recently we had a bug in one of our app where search was not able to find anything based on sub keywords or sub text. Lets say we have an article that has keyword "dedicated" in subject or body or in tags. Now if we try to search using keywords say | cat | cate | ted | dedi | dicat | dedi | then outcome was zero search results. This issue was due to the way indexing was done along with missing query configuration in Solr. We fixed the indexing and seaching configuration in solr/conf/schema.xml file. We added/edited following code