Watermark PDF using Kiprosh PDF library and iText7 in C#

This article guides on how to watermark PDFs using the KiproshWatermarkingPDF and iText7 in C#

Visual studio database project

Visual Studio database project is one of the awesome tool provided by visual studio for managing database changes across all environments and developers machine. We can manage database changes same way as we manage the code changes using version control. VS database project helps to keep everyone in sync with the changes in database. For effective use of database project and make development easier, we should follow some things like, Developers should use local SQL Server, names of databases should be the same in all development machines and credentials to access database are same in all developers machines Lets see

Knockoutjs : components

Component is one of the awesome thing in knockoutjs. It makes code more manageable, reusable and help you to code cleanly. Separating functionality in components make coding easier. You can create your own controls and use it anywhere in your project. You can have nesting of components. You can break your sections into small reusable controls or you can have entire section of application in one component. For nesting of components there is option to pass data to child components through parameters. Same way for child to parent communication there is callback functionality. As components can get asynchronously loaded or

Knockout js : Custom binding

In my previous knockout.js post, I just gave introduction and explained how knockout works. We learnt about how knockout uses bindings to make UI dynamic and how it connects to the view model In this article we will learn custom binding. There are built in bindings like click, value, text, visible and so on. But you are not restricted to use only those binding , you can create your own custom binding. It’s always better to create custom binding for DOM elements instead of writing jquery. Advantage of creating custom binding is, you can reuse it for any number

Beginning with Knockout.js

It's been more than a year when i started learning knockout.js, now I felt it's time to share my experience with you all what i have learnt so far. As this is my first post on Knockout.js, i am going to introduce you to basics of knockout.js. Knockout is library written in Javascript, which is based on MVVM approach for creating rich and responsive websites Knockout.js become powerful with some of its highlighting features : Dependency Tracking : Knockout automatically identifies the changes and updates the UI. Knockout has observable variables and computed variables that computes the values

Hero’s Journey Retrospective

Hero’s Journey Retrospective We had an awesome retrospective session recently. As the topic of this retro was little different, everyone in the team was excited. The retrospective was about the Hero's Journey , where we discussed about our journey relating to the current project state. Running Retrospective: 1). Our first focus was to understand areas of our journey. So we came up with the following areas : ⦁ Hero : Who completed/working on the major features. ⦁ Guide : Who guides to complete the features. ⦁ Cavern : The challenges faced/The challenges ahead/ Sad about. ⦁ Treasure : Achievements / Happy about. 2). Then participants wrote their notes

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection MVC design pattern enables separation of concerns. Helping us to develop more independent components in our application. This is how we can implement loose coupling, and it helps testing and maintenance of our application easy. So Dependency Injection helps in making your application’s components more loosely coupled. There are software design patterns out of which Dependency Injection(DI) is the one that allows us to develop loosely coupled code, which greatly reduces tight coupling between developed components. DI enables us to manage changes and other complexity in our application. The purpose of DI is to make code