Scrum & OKR - The Fraternal Twins

What Traditional goal-setting is to the Performance Management System, Waterfall methodology is to the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Well, these are passĆ©! Today all IT professionals swear by the Agile methodology because it highlights the most important phenomenon of life i.e. ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE. Agile & Agile Goal Setting šŸ”Agile software development is the oxygen to disciplined product development & project management, it revolves around the idea of ā€˜Iterative developmentā€™. Where the focus is on People over Process, Cross-functional team over Specialists, Priority over Plan, Collaboration over Centralization. Ever thought about grabbing the components of Agile and placing

How to Rock a Remote Team Retrospective

A decade back, a remote retrospective used to happen via conference calls. However, now the trend is changing. Companies are moving towards a remote-friendly environment. Also, because of technology, the world is very well connected now. When we work with remote teams, we feel it might be challenging to conduct a retrospective effectively. However, it is much more comfortable today because we have better video conferencing services, online tools to provide retrospective notes and, collaboration. Some companies work full-time remote while others, like our company, Kiprosh have a partial remote working provision. Hence, there is a fair chance of having

Pleasure & Gain Retrospective

Recently we had a good Retrospective. I loved the outcome of this retrospective. First we had an Ice breaker session, Empathy Snap followed by PLEASURE AND GAIN retrospective. Empathy Snap Is a nice Ice breaking team building exercise. We did empathy snap for the big hitter + big blow and through this exercise team really came to know, how well they can empathise with each other So it was a nice start, everyone opened up and ready for the retrospective. Joy is not in things; it is in us. PLEASURE AND GAIN retrospective was nice way to see how we can