What keeps me motivated at work? A quick chat with Mamta Kukreja

Mamta Kukreja, a vibrant Kiprosher and a food lover at heart shares insights, regarding her work and career choices. Q: You have worked earlier as a freelancer and remotely, before joining Kiprosh. How do you feel about switching to a full-time job? Mamta: The opportunities to grow are very slim when you are working as a freelancer, as you do not have a team or mentor to guide you. In the case of a full-time job, an individual is a part of a team or project, where the mentoring relationship with the team leads, help the more experienced coder/associate

Why I love my job? Coffee with Prachi Desai

My impression of Prachi Desai of a boundless creative spirit was so true. Not only this Kiprosher is a beautiful singer but also excels in the art of gardening. Prachi Desai, working at Kiprosh as a head of QA for more than 4 years now, shared her experience with me about work, culture & life at Kiprosh. Q: Can you tell something about your daily work at Kiprosh? Prachi: To work in a function where you are the last person standing in the way of a product being shipped to our customers is both, thrilling and daunting. As a head