Ember Inspector and Ember debugging

As software developer most important thing for us is to understand debugging. When things go wrong with code, we need to be able to find the bug quickly and solve it. Today we are going to have look at some important thing regarding ember app debugging. These are small things but can help you if you are new with ember and trying to debug some error in your ember application. Ember Inspector: It is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. This is helpful tool for debugging ember app. You can simply add it from webstore. You will see

How to get Code Coverage Report on Code Climate through CircleCI in an Ember.js App

It is always a good practice to keep a check of your code quality and code coverage. Writing test cases for your code is extremely important as that helps you identify any failure before hand. There are many articles about how to write test-case and why we should write etc. However, I would be covering here, how we can integrate Test coverage to Code-climate in your Ember.js app while you are using CircleCI. In todays world most of us use auto-deployment (e.g. tools like CircleCi, Travis CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, Codeship etc.). We would like to get all the

Model level validations in Ember.js

We've couple of Ember apps which communicates to single rails API. We were working on making our API more robust for data related operations so we added couple of checks and validations which led us to a thought that it would be even better if we can add validations on our front-end Ember applications. But Ember.js framework doesn't provide validations for models. So we investigated further and we found couple of packages that we can use for model level validations. Ember-model-validator is the one of the most used package for model validations in Ember. It is really easy to

App rate and review feature using cordova-launch-review plugin

Many times App's rate and reviews decides app's success. Reviews by user's are important part of app and decides what are good things about our app and what improvements are needed. Now a days its common to provide Rate & Review button or link that will redirect to app store or play store. If we have cordova app then we can simply do it in following way using js. We can identify whether device is android or ios and accordingly open it in window. $('#rate-app').on('click', function(e) { if (iosDevice) { window.open('https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/

SideLoading, Active Model Serializer and Adapter and Links in Ember

Side Loading Ember Data supports “sideloading” of data; i.e., indicating that data should be retrieved (along with the primary data requested) so as to help multiple related HTTP requests. A common use case is sideloading associated models. For example, each Shop has many groceries, so we can include all related groceries in /shops response: GET /shops { "shops": [ { "id": "14", "groceries": ["98", "99", "112"] } ] } When the groceries association is accessed, Ember Data will issue: GET /groceries?ids[]=98&ids[]=99&ids[]=112 { "groceries&

Ember-Data library for Ember.js

Ember-Data is a library for managing model data in Ember.js applications. It provides many of the facilities you’d find in server-side object relational mappings (ORMs) like ActiveRecord, but is designed specifically for the unique environment of JavaScript in the browser. When an API is represented using Ember Data models, adapters and serializers, each association simply becomes a field name. This encapsulates the internal details of each association, thereby insulating the rest of your code from changes to the associations themselves. Routes and Models In Ember.js, the router is responsible for displaying templates, loading data, and otherwise setting

Solution to Ember.js app's frequent failures (Error:FSEventStreamStart)

In our ember.js based project after getting latest code and running following commands: npm install && bower install npm start when I was starting app, it was failing randomly with following error. (FSEvents.framework) FSEventStreamStart: register_with_server: ERROR: f2d_register_rpc() => (null) (-21) events.js:85 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: watch EMFILE at exports._errnoException (util.js:746:11) at FSEvent.FSWatcher._handle.onchange (fs.js:1161:26) npm ERR! Darwin 14.5.0 npm ERR! argv "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "start" .... To solve this issue I

Want to Learn Ember.js? Start Here..

Ember is awesome but it will take some effort to get started with. Here I would like to share collection of getting started resources to make thing easier for those who trying to learn. Introduction: Building Web Applications with Ember.js – Yehuda Katz has explained very nicely that how Ember can be used to build fast and responsive apps, and also shared some nifty aspects of Ember you might not know about. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6RFyVN9sNg(video)][1] Basics: Ember Guides – This is the official documentation provided by ember.js developer team. It has everything explained explained