React Design Patterns Basic to Advance - Part 2

In the previous article of the React Design Patterns Basic to Advance series, we became familiar with the Basic Design Patterns which are widely used in React. In this article, we will learn about the various Advanced Design Patterns in React. React design patterns basic to advanceAs a Frontend developer and working on React for several months, one of thetopics I have paid close attention to is Design Patterns. In this article serieson React design patterns, I will share my learnings. This blog is completely about the design patterns which are widely used in Reactapp deve…Kiprosh BlogsShubham JajooAdvanced Design

Setup React Native Web App with TypeScript and WebPack

In this tutorial we will setup react native web app locally and deploy on Render. Before we start with the react-native-web setup, I assume that you have installed Node.js, Yarn and react-native-cli on your machine. 1. Setup React Native App with TypescriptTo create react native app you need to run following command react-native init ReactNativeWebApp This command will create react native app and your app directory will look like as shown in the following image (image 1.1) image 1.1: Project rootTo add typescript to our app first we need to install react-native-typescript-transformer yarn add --dev react-native-typescript-transformer typescript

Sample ToDo app using React

I started learning React and developed a ToDo list application. Here is the github repo for this ToDo web application. This ToDo application has following functionality: add a new ToDo item inline edit an existing item delete an item drag & drop to sort or change the order This app is without any backend to keep things simple for now. I have used jQuery plugin jquery-editable for inline text editing of ToDo item. The mindset that we should not think jQuery way to implement UI in React helped me to implement or mix jQuery in correct way i.e. we